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MMS motivates the discerning property buyer – Barca Bulimba MMS Case Study

At Mobipost we understand the ability for SMS and in particular MMS to motivate consumers to take action. With readership rates upwards of 98% ‘direct to mobile’ messages cut through the daily clutter of other digital notifications.

For the Barca Bulimba project in the desirable, leafy, heritage suburb of Bulimba just 4km from Brisbane CBD we have recently seen the ability of MMS to motivate property buyers into taking action.
Says Fiona Neaves, from Fiona Neaves & Co, marketing consultant on the Barca Bulimba project, “This is an exclusive property with a certain type of buyer in mind. We have run exclusive private appointments for groups over the last 5 weeks. We’ve used MOBIPOST MMS to complement our other advertising and have seen really good results.”

The MMS messages for Barca showcase the display suites, the unique interior appointments, together with the open hours of the display suites for the upcoming weekend. A 1800 number is included as a call to action in the message text – prompting the client to arrange an exclusive appointment.
Adds Neaves, “In week 1 of the campaign, with little or no other advertising aside from the MMS messages, we had 8 groups inspect the apartments. So we know the MMS messages were read and actioned upon. They have provided an important component of our overall marketing mix which also includes newspaper advertising, EDM’s and signage. We’re now at 70% apartments sold (16 of 24) and expect to be 100% by the end of September. We’ll continue to use property MMS messages for the campaign duration as we know how powerful they are.”

Week 5

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Says Darren Press, Business Development Manager from MOBIPOST, “Property is an emotive sales experience and the fact is close to two thirds of us are visual learners. Scientific studies from leading universities have shown that the brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than text. Visual images stimulate other areas of the brain that trigger emotions more powerfully than words. It makes sense that MMS works well in property.”

Adds Press, “If you consider that these luxury properties are over $2Mil in value and if we assume that the MMS messages have influenced say, at least say 30% of the sales which they clearly have done. This means that ROI for the MMS messaging is in the multiples of thousands of per cent.”

Fiona Neaves & Co intend on using property MMS for some other upcoming campaigns for different clients.

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