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Make the most from your fitness lead enquiries with mobile [MMS case study]

In today’s fast paced lifestyle it is often difficult to reach your prospects and leads via phone, particularly during business hours.  Quite often your calls will go ignored – for example, if your lead does not recognise the calling number – or, if the recipient is happy to let the message go to voice mail or voice to text.

Messaging and in particular SMS and MMS have the ability to cut-through the noise with a highly targeted message to your prospects.  Using MMS for example, you can get your offer message across in an enticing, visual way which is less disruptive than a phone call.  Enquirers can action the message in their own time.

The Australian Fitness Academy (AFA) is one fitness training organisation benefiting from using MMS to follow-up lead enquiries.

Says, James Poynter, Sales & Business Development Manager at AFA, “We use MMS messages to follow-up our student enquiries.  We find that the MMS’ work well as most students do not answer our phone calls”

Adds Poynter, “We include as much information about our course options as possible in the MMS and also embed our 1300 number if the student has more questions or would like to join.  This is a highly competitive industry so we also like to include some incentives for the student to learn with us, such as free fitness apparel, or discount vouchers for fitness equipment”.

Says Darren Press Business Development Manager at MOBIPOST, “Most of us are visual learners and our brains are wired for visual image processing.  It makes sense that MMS’ work effectively for lead enquiries.  Research from MIT in the U.S. show that the brain can identify images seen for a little as 13 milliseconds.  Many of our other fitness clients use MMS for lead enquiries, such as join offer campaigns for their club or studio and they get similar great results.”

The Australian Fitness Academy was established in 1993 and is a leading fitness institute specialising in the delivery of fitness courses and personal training courses.

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