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Look After Your Members and They Will Look After You [Jetts Margate Case Study]

Recently Angela, Club Manager at Jetts Fitness Margate, noticed that some of her regular members were not attending as regularly as they used to so gave each of them a call to find out why.

Turns out that they had lost their motivation! Angela decided to offer those members, whose motivation had lapsed an opportunity to receive a weekly motivational SMS.

Since the implementation of this SMS campaign for her members, Angela has seen an increase in those member’s attendance at the gym.

“Our members are loving their weekly Wednesday motivational SMS messages and are pushing our members to increase the number of visits to the gym each week.  It helps keep them accountable for their fitness.”

This initiative is a great tool to increase member retention by keeping customers engaged with the gym, letting them know that they are not forgotten and get them motivated to get back into training.

Angela is definitely onto something here, according to gym members who visit less than once a week in the first month of membership have a rejoin rate of 59%, whereas those who visit at least three times a week rejoin 78% of the time. [1]

SMS is the perfect touchpoint to let your low frequency members know that you care in a non-invasive but personal medium. This simple message keeps your business front of mind each week, and at Jetts Margate it is increasing customer motivation, attendance and retention.

Angela is planning to extend this offer to all her members who would like a little bit of extra motivation each week. A happy member = A Happy Gym!

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[1] Attendance, Adherence, Drop out and Retention

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