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MMS for Your Wedding Day [Destination Wedding Case Study]

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life. Months or years of planning go into creating this special day. Anything that can help it run smoothly removes an element of pressure, so the bride, groom and guests can enjoy the celebrations.

Careful planning can ensure that little is left to chance, but a destination wedding does add a few extra elements of the unknown: guests do not know the location & can get lost; invitations (with important event details) are left behind and dress code components can be forgotten.

Tim & Elizabeth Benson of Brisbane decided that the Stones of the Yarra Valley was the perfect location for their wedding so they set about creating their special day. All of the guests would be travelling from Queensland to Melbourne for a weekend long celebration at various locations.

They decided that scheduling a series of MMS, customised to their wedding theme, would be fun and aid in managing the event with reminders, welcomes, map links and a thank you to conclude.

Tim said “Everyone always has their phone on them. We knew that sending text messages was the best way to communicate with all of our guests throughout the weekend. It took the stress away from having to touch base with everyone leading up to the day.”
“I knew the men would throw out their invites, and forget the details; the dress code; times for transport; where they had to meet. By sending the MMS we knew they would have the information at their fingertips” added Liz.

There were certain elements that really made sense, and that’s why they used MMS:

  • Customising the MMS to the wedding theme & adding photos
  • Adding map links to the transport location (80% of the guests clicked on the links to find their way)
  • Time and date reminders could be saved straight from the message to the phone calendar
  • The messages could be scheduled, simple set & forget
  • Contact phone numbers, in case anyone was running late, could be  easily dialed or saved
  • The subject line could be used for the wedding hashtag – to remind guests when posting photos
  • Each message was personalised to the recipient


MOBIPOST scheduled four messages for the couple over the weekend:

    The day before the guest departed Brisbane

  • We can’t wait to see you
  • Reminder of the black tie dress code

    The day before the wedding

  • Welcome to Melbourne
  • A map link to find the transport
  • Contact number for the “transport coordinator” if anyone was running late

    On the wedding day – sent after lunch

  • Let’s keep going
  • Details of the after party
  • Details of the recovery session the next day with map link

    At the end of the weekend

  • Thank you
  • A fun pic of the bride & groom from the wedding day
  • Catch up soon as Mr & Mrs Benson

Tim & Elizabeth said they had the perfect day with the best company, they wish they could do it all over again!

Considering MMS for your wedding day or event? Call our MOBIPOST team to discuss the options for your special day 1300 550 353

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