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Don’t forget to congratulate your members on their Birthday [Clubware SMS case study]

Let’s face it, who doesn’t like to be congratulated on their Birthday? Just a simple acknowledgement goes a long way and most people appreciate the gesture.

When you’re a fitness club with hundreds of active members the ability to automatically schedule a birthday SMS can help with your retention.

Voyage Fitness at Warwick in regional Queensland is one such club, benefiting from being able to schedule automatic birthday SMS messages using Clubware and MOBIPOST SMS.

Voyage Fitness schedule the birthday texts for any new members that have a birthday in the upcoming week (next 7 days). The birthday SMS includes an offer for a friend to train for free, as well as a percentage discount off products or supplements in the gym.

Says Jaron Cumerford, Club Manager at Voyage Fitness Warwick, “Member’s appreciate the fact that we are thinking about them. The automated birthday SMS messages via Clubware and MOBIPOST allows us to completely automate the process of congratulating members – ensuring no one gets missed.”

Continues Jaron, “We get similar good feedback from other automated SMS messages like low visitations. SMS works particularly well for our members.”

Warwick, Queensland, is situated 130 kilometres south-west of Brisbane. Warwick has a strong agricultural industry and a population over 15,000.

Voyage Fitness Warwick has the goal of making Warwick become one of the most active and healthy regional centres in Queensland.

For more about Voyage Fitness Warwick, please visit;

For more information on MOBIPOST, or how to schedule automatic messages from Clubware please visit;

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