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Make sure you don’t neglect your high attending members [SMS retention case study]

Many fitness clubs place put a lot of emphasis on gaining new members per month.  They look to offset their monthly membership losses with new members each month and hopefully by month’s end, they’ve had a net gain.

Often too, clubs will put place a lot of effort into members who start to fall away – eg. Non-attendance for a period of time or declining visits over time.

Whilst the above are all very important, why not give more attention to your high attending members? One club benefiting from this approach is Breathe Health Club in Hervey Bay.  Breathe send out automated SMS messages with words of encouragement to their high attending members.

The SMS notifications for Breathe are automatically scheduled via their Clubware system for pre-determined points in the membership lifecycle – eg. 25 visits, 50 visits, 100 visits and so forth.

Natasha Reidy, Customer Service Manager at Breathe Hervey Bay had this to say, “We get good feedback from our member’s for the automated high attendance messages. Members like the fact that they are being acknowledged and that the club notices their efforts.”

Adds Darren Press, Business Development Manager for MOBIPOST, “I would encourage other fitness clubs to adopt Breathe’s approach for high attending members.  Your regular members are often your best source of referrals and for spreading good messages about your club to other gym-goers and others.  By using automated SMS messages via MOBIPOST from Clubware you can make sure you don’t miss key attendance milestones for your regulars.”

Breathe Health Club is in Hervey Bay, a coastal city in southern Queensland, nearby Fraser Island. Breathe is a club designed for families – not only does it have a full scale gym, group fitness and cycle studio but it also has an indoor heated pool tennis and squash all under the one roof.

For more information about how to setup high-attendance SMS messages in MOBIPOST talk to MOBIPOST:

For more information on Breathe Hervey Bay:

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