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Keep your gym pass holders on track with SMS reminders

As more fitness facilities are realising the benefits of having the flexibility of varied membership options, many are leveraging SMS messaging to keep their members on track.

Burn Boxing and Fitness in Craigieburn, Victoria is one such gym using automated reminders for pass holders with multi-visit passes.

The reminder SMS messages are scheduled through the Clubware MOBIPOST interface and are completely automated.

Members are reminded when they have 1 visit left on their pass, for example;

“Hi [Name], You currently have 1 visits left of your 10 visit pass……..”

Members are prompted to speak to reception to top up their passes, or explore other membership options at the gym.

Denis Krastic, owner of Burn Boxing and Fitness had this to say, “We have been operating now for nearly 4 years and since opening we have been using Mobipost together with Clubware for our membership campaigns and automated reminder/offer SMS. Creating and scheduling an automated SMS using the Clubware MOBIPOST interface is a breeze. Since we started offering the 10 visit passes to our prospects, and incorporated the automated SMS reminder we have seen a huge increase in the number of 10 visit pass holders constantly topping up their visits without us having to remind them in person. Still to this day MOBIPOST forms an integral part of our business marketing/management processes.”

Burn Boxing and Fitness offers a range of flexible services including one off sessions, multi-visit passes or longer term membership options.

In addition to a range of boxing classes, Burn Boxing and Fitness also has a dedicated boxing zone for those that like to have a hit on their own and a full service gym with a range of fitness equipment and free weights.

Full Size Ring at Burn Boxing & Fitness

As a burgeoning gym in a high growth area north of Melbourne, Burn Boxing and Fitness caters to all ages and demographics.

Without the ability to automate SMS reminders throughout the membership lifecycle, including for pass-holders it would be a near impossible task to manually track the progress of members.

Darren Press, MOBIPOST Manager adds, “Fitness facilities using systems like Clubware have a unique advantage in being able to fully automate various SMS reminders through MOBIPOST such as appointments scheduled through the Clubware Calendar, or reminders to pass-holders as in this example.  Regardless of whether your facility has 3, 5 or 7 day passes or multi-visit passes like Burn Boxing and Fitness you are able to trigger the reminders at the best possible moment to suit your situation.”

For more information about Burn Boxing and Fitness click here;

For more information on MOBIPOST and how to automate Clubware SMS visit;

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