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Cut your membership losses by using SMS – A First Choice Fitness Case Study

A key aspect of member retention for fitness clubs is the use of automated SMS reminders for membership renewals.

Says Jennifer Nock, Area Manager for First Choice Fitness Australia, “It is our aim at First Choice Fitness to remove all barriers and make it as easy and attractive as possible for customers to renew and continue their training with us. We have noticed a remarkable improvement in this since implementing the staggered SMS renewal reminders with MOBIPOST. We have found that customers will often come to reception to advise us that they need to renew (thanks to the SMS) instead of the other way around.”

By using a staged method as the date of renewal approaches, First Choice Fitness are able to engage with their members at the appropriate time in a non-threatening manner.

First Choice Fitness send out an email on month ahead of the member’s renewal date.  Automated SMS reminders are then scheduled through the gym’s Clubware CRM system two weeks from renewal and then also the day before renewal.

Jennifer adds, “The system is smart enough to recognise once members have renewed so the SMS reminders only go out to those members yet to re-sign with the club.”

“The SMS reminders through MOBIPOST cover my back.  Not every member will read the initial email and it’s very difficult to get a hold of people by phone during the day.  A text message is the best way as everyone reads a text.”

To include the likelihood of members renewing,  First Choice Fitness also offer an incentive, being a discount off their renewal rate if they renew without letting their membership lapse.

Darren Press, MOBIPOST Business Development Manager says, “Different gyms have different methods for member retention, but definitely those that have deployed renewal SMS messages are seeing better returns.  The fact that the renewal SMS messages can be fully automated through Clubware make this an easy ‘set and forget’ exercise with measurable returns.”

First Choice Fitness is an Australian owned and operated company with 3 gyms on the Gold Coast at Burleigh Heads, Broadbeach and Helensvale.

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