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Increase Traffic to Your Event Using MMS – Zupps Mt Gravatt Case Study

Zupps Mt Gravatt implemented MMS into their marketing strategy to increase traffic to the EKKA Biggest EVER Car Sale event.

Jamie-Lee, the dealerships marketing manager, was ecstatic with the results:

“The sale was the most successful sale event we have hosted this year. Across the four days there was plenty of walk in traffic and also a spike in internet enquiry. The dealership exceeded the sales target.”

Zupps used a range of database marketing which included an EDM that was sent to the same audience 2 day prior to the MMS.

What Jamie-Lee did well was use an exclusive deal, only offered through the MMS.
The customer was prompted to register for the event and given the chance to win a $200 fuel card by clicking on a direct web link in the MMS text.

Jamie-Lee has some tips when sending an MMS for an event:

1. Give the customer a reason to keep or present the MMS

Asking the customer to present the MMS or integrating a barcode or voucher in your MMS gives them a reason to hold on to and then present during the transaction. This is important to track return on investment for the MMS campaign.

2. Use a specific code to monitor the success and impact of your campaign

Keeping track through a specific POS or transaction code saves your sales people recalling how many people were brought in through the MMS, especially during a large sales event, where source tracking may not be their top priority amongst the chaos during the day.

3. Choose the time you send carefully to reduce the amount of optouts

Jamie-Lee found sending around midday was effective for the Zupps campaign and this reduced the amount of optouts.

Knowing your database is imperative for your message to have maximum impact for any marketing campaign. For example, you might send a message to tradies during their morning break, around 10am.

4. Space out your database marketing

Like Jamie-Lee did for Zupps, send your EDM then follow up with an MMS a couple of days later.

A reminder SMS the day before your event, or on the morning of, can give your customers the extra prompt that they need to get there.

Give your event the push it needs with a well-executed MMS campaign and watch the customers roll in just like this automotive dealership did.

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