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See how Snap Fitness succeeded with MMS in New Zealand…

It’s all about the content!

Snap Fitness Blenheim recently held a 1 day sale over the weekend… with only 4 days to organise it! What better way to get the word out urgently and ensure people know about it than SMS/MMS via mobile phone?

Ben (Sales Guru) from Snap Fitness in New Zealand had to say:

“We had only decided to do the sale a few days earlier, so really wanted to maximise all channels available to us that would urgently get the word out. We used 3 mediums (radio, Facebook and mobile).

Dani at MOBIPOST  was great, she helped finesse our messages and sent them for us to help meet our deadline.  We’d done similar promotions for other clubs recently and they hadn’t done as well as this one.  I think the difference was that the SMS wording was much better… in fact I don’t think we could have worded it better for our target market.  In particular our terminated members really responded the most to the text.  The timing was better too.  She included a few extras for us –  the flyer, additional MMS text and a Google map-link.  It was good because the flyer and extra text space gave us more space for all the detail about the event.

We were really happy with the results and will definitely be using mobile again.”

The staff at Snap Blenheim converted 70% of attendees to their event, and Ben was smart to track where the leads came from.   It was clear to see that those that came from mobile were of the highest quality which resulted in 100% conversion.

FACEBOOK – 50% of leads were converted

RADIO –  62% of leads were converted.

MOBILE – 100% of the mobile responses were converted

It was also interesting to note that this club almost doubled figures compared to their recent counterparts.

The main difference between this and the other clubs was Blenheim used MMS.

Other factors included:

  1. Enlisted some help from the MOBIPOST team and drew on their years of experience when it came to wording & tips.
  2. They thought deeply about who their audience was, and constructed a well worded message to suit.
  3. Some consideration was put into when the best timing of message might suit targeted demographic.
  4. And of course they used the NEW ‘Linked MMS’ for their communication.  A great way to stand ahead of the competition – and inspire recipients to take a positive action!

So there you have it folks.  MMS succeeds in New Zealand.  Ready to give it a go?  Simply contact us

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