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Double your numbers with MMS – Mitre 10 Goondiwindi Case Study [Part 1]

Mitre 10 are on a roll this year with great marketing and mobile strategies. We previously saw Johnson & Reilly Mitre 10 use a clever inbound marketing technique to grow their database (see case study here).

Here we see Borders Builders Mitre 10 Goondiwindi dominate engagement with their database by doubling members for their store’s Footy Tipping Competition.

This marketing campaign put them top 5 in the country across all Mitre 10 stores.

The beauty of the campaign was that it was so simple.

They sent out a gif (see above) which invited their Trade Member Database to join in on the Footy Tipping Competition that included some great prizes to be won.

And the result?


20 signups directly from MMS – over double what they started with!

Toni Sadler in Administration had this to say about the campaign, “Sending the MMS was easy for us, we received the gif from Head Office to help promote the Footy Tipping Competition and with Katrina’s help we sent it out and got a great result.”

“We had previously used word of mouth to get the ball rolling and we also advertised the comp through Facebook. The results were great with the MMS and we were able to double what we had originally!”

Click over to Part 2 to see why this sort of campaign works and why you should use MMS to engage with your customers

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