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SMS for the NHS: The Cost of Missed Appointments Infographic

We love this! This proves that you need to start using automotive messages to ensure that your clients do not miss appointments. Having someone miss an appointment means you will lose money.

There are two ways you can handle a problem like this; one is cost effective and one is time consuming. We know which one we would pick!

See below Text Local‘s infographic.

Delving into the true cost of missed appointments to the NHS and healthcare industry, the results are staggering. A whopping £162 million a year is wasted in the healthcare industry due to missed appointments. That’s around 19 million appointments unattended every year. This amount of cash could fund a whole new hospital or even 655,870 ambulance call-outs. We take a look at just some of the other essentials this money could instead be spent on and show how we’re helping to solve this dilemma.

You can also check out our full article: The true cost of missed appointments: How SMS can help the NHS.

SMS for the NHS: The Cost of Missed Appointments Infographic

See original article here.

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