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6 SMS Marketing Tips for the Newbie Mobile Marketer

Doesn’t matter if you are a pro in the mobile marketing world or you are just starting out – these tips from About Tech will help you send great messages. See below how you can incorporate these 6 tips into your next mobile marketing campaigns.

Along with the sudden and steep revolution in mobile devices comes the need for marketers to go mobile in order to reach more and more customers online. While you have many mobile marketing methods, the best one would be to send text messages to users, inviting them to visit your Website or retail store and take a look at what your business has to offer to them. SMS marketing helps you connect with your existing users, while also potentially enabling you to make new customers.

Sending timely messages to your visitors can help you convert them into loyal customers in no time at all. Here are 6 useful SMS marketing tips for the newbie mobile marketer:

1.  Avoid Flowery Language

While SMS is a great way to reach out and offer that personal touch to your customers, this system of marketing also comes with its own downsides. The biggest disadvantage here is the limited amount of text space available to you.

Hence, make sure that you avoid unnecessarily flowery language and stick to the point. Be precise about what you are saying and make sure that you come across as a serious seller. Prattling on without a clear aim will only serve to drive your customers farther away from you.

2.  Do not Cram Your Message

You have only 160 characters available to you to carry your message to customers. So do not cram your promotional text with different sales pitches. Instead, decide which offer would sound most attractive to your visitors and present the same to them.

One more thing to note is that sending users too many messages, each featuring a different offer, will only confuse your subscribers. You should hence feature only the most important offer and maybe present the others on your Website, store or via social or print media.

3.  Write Short Sentences

Further, break up your main message into short sentences. This helps you to not only put across your point more clearly, but also lets your insert more such sentences in the body of your message.

Make use of capital block letters when you want to highlight a particularly important part of your offer. Be aware, though, that using too many capital letters will prove to be counterproductive, as it will irritate the customer trying to read the message on the small screen of his or her mobile phone.

4.  Make Your Message Actionable

Start your message with a direct call to action, rather than with long sentences. Make your message actionable, so that your user immediately understands your offer and more importantly, actually gets to making that purchase from you.

Using words such as “Avail”, “Buy” or “Purchase” will work best in your favor. Make this a thumb rule for your business and watch as your customers grow exponentially.

5.  Time Your Messages Right

Mobile users usually read their SMS’ immediately – this means of communication is instant, unlike emails, which may be opened long after it has been delivered to the user’s inbox. This being the case, you should take extra care to time your messages, so that you catch them at the time that they are likely to be most responsive to you.

Though there is no absolute standard for this, it has generally been observed that users are most likely to respond to messages during late afternoons or evenings. Weekends and holidays are also a good time to target them with special offers.

6.  Offer Users Ease of Purchase

Make sure that you facilitate ease of purchase for your users, so that they are tempted to take advantage of your offers instantly. Setup an efficient mobile commerce payment system in place – you would not want your subscribers to have second thoughts about availing that tempting offer.

Remember to offer a promotion code that is short and easy to remember. A long code with unrelated letters and numbers will only put them off the offer. For instance, a code such as FACIAL15 for a 15 percent discount on a facial treatment is a lot easier to memorize rather than something such as FACIAL146078.

SMS marketing can prove to be very effective when it is carried out right. Follow all the above-mentioned steps and you are bound to reach more customers than you ever imagined possible.

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