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Top 3 reasons why Mitre 10 dominates mobile marketing [Part 2]

Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 used this strategy to help grow their database. Was it successful? Most definitely.

Using a simple competition like ‘Guess the Jellybean jar’ to collect customer info is a great way to expand your customer database.

But before Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 jumped into the mobile campaign they tried to obtain customer info by getting them to fill out a form and their answers and submit it in a drop box (see Part 1). Very little traction was gained. After their move to an inbound mobile campaign, the results started to roll in.

So why did it take an inbound campaign for it to work? Because it …

1. Got the masses involved

Bruce the Marketing Manager at Johnson & Reilly Mitre 10, noted that their other attempts at capturing customer data didn’t get the traction he was hoping for. He also noted that the few people that did engage with their initial attempt (submitting their information with writing down their answers and dropping them in the drop box) was illegible to read.

Introducing their new campaign where they had in-store signs, a social campaign (see pictured) and store website directed their customers to text-in their answers and info to the number presented. This way they are using all their possible avenues of communication to get the competition out there.

2. Was good value

As this was a lead capturing strategy the offer had to be extremely good to get their customers involved.

Whatever you are promoting the offer needs to be valuable to your customers. With Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 ‘Guess the Jellybean jar’ competition the winner also received a $200 dollar gift certificate to use in store. This made the competition valuable but also useful to the target audience [Source: Hubspot].

3. Made the competition easy for everyone

It was easy on two accounts.

It was easy for management at Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 to set up the inbound campaign and it was also easy for them to let the participants know the correct answer and the winner with one bulk message send out of the MOBIPOST platform.

But what is more important is that it was easy for the customers.

79% of people (i.e. your customers) have their mobiles with them 22 hours per day, mobile is a tool that people use regularly [Source: Adweek]. It doesn’t take much effort on the customers’ behalf to enter and it has now become a natural way to communicate. Not to mention this has also given Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 the opportunity to engage with their customers with future promotions and sales.

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