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Top 3 reasons why Mitre 10 dominates mobile marketing [Part 1]

Regardless of the industry, mobile can be a profitable tool in your marketing strategy. See here how Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 used a simple yet effective text-in campaign to generate interest and create new leads for their promotions.

​​What they did?

Originally, the ‘Guess the Jellybean jar’ competition was only promoted in-store and on social media, however, there was no option to text in.

Katrina, the Mitre 10 Account Manager who came for a site visit noticed that their in-store promotion could be performed better if they gave the option to text-in to guess.

Bruce, the Marketing Manager loved it and they set up the account there and then.

They then set up posters and created a Facebook competition to direct people to SMS in their guess. This proved to be highly successful which resulted in…


261 entrants – 204 of them where from mobile

This is what Bruce the Marketing Manager at Johnson & Rielly Mitre 10 had to say, “We initially tried to use Facebook and the store website to collect customers details, but got little traction from it- it has only been the mobile campaign that received the most responses by far that actually worked.

“For this particular campaign, we had the customer guess the Jelly Beans and then they received a message confirming their guess and another text at the end of the promotion with the answer and the winners.”

Click through to part 2 to see why using an inbound campaign helped deliver results.

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