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4 Reasons to use mobile to pump up your mobile strategy just as Snap Fitness Pyrmont [Part 2]

Not happy with the results of the more traditional marketing methods? Try using mobile and see what it can do for your marketing strategy.

In part 1, we showed how Mikey from Snap Fitness Pyrmont uses MOBIPOST for all his quick communication needs. This included; event marketing, end of month sale promos and also highly effective retention based messages.

Regardless of the industry here are 4 reasons to why Snap Fitness Pyrmont and many others use MOBIPOST to benefit their business.

1. Saves you time

Most gyms use mobile to avoid hours spent calling up individuals to chase up late fees or confirm PT appointments.

The way Snap Fitness Pyrmont does it is by exporting their new member database, loading it up to their account and then sending a warm welcome message to the club. It took a few practices to get it right but now it is quick and easy and saves them time.

Tip: If you have a CRM system like Clubware, Greenedesk etc, you can integrate it with MOBIPOST that automatically sends out messages to your activated fields.

2. Has a direct link to results

Mobile gets results. It really does.

98% of text messages are opened within the first 15 minutes of receipt and 90% are replied to within the first 3 minutes.  When we look at other types of communication like emails, those campaigns only receive a tiny 25% in comparison . Emails also has to compete with spam and other filters [Source:Protexting]

As a promotional tool or something that you really want to be seen by your customers, choose mobile to ensure they see the message.

Tip: Ensure the CTA (Call to Action) is an active one like, “present this message to the front desk” or “text in the keyword to secure a spot” to increase the likelihood of your audience taking up the offer.

3. Makes it personal

Another big part to mobile marketing is that it is a highly personal device. You are using a communication method that your customers use as if they were speaking to friends and family. This is why you need to treat them like that too!

Message them relevant info to guarantee they will enjoy receiving your messages and make sure you are treating them like a friend.

Tip: Use the “Insert firstname” feature in MOBIPOST to ensure you are making the message the personal it can be.

4. Easy for you to use

There is no confusion with MOBIPOST’s step by step system. And if there is you can call 1300 550 353 or email and we will be gladly step it through with you over the phone.

Tip: It is even easy to insert your opt out instructions– it is just a simple click of a button!

If you need help putting a mobile campaign like Snap Fitness Pyrmont, give us a call on 1300 550 353 or email

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