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4 Reasons to use mobile to pump up your mobile strategy just as Snap Fitness Pyrmont [Part 1]

There are many benefits to employing a mobile strategy. Not only is mobile a communication device that your customer is generally “on” all the time but it is also practical.

Below you can see how Snap Fitness Pyrmont use mobile for not only their event marketing and sales promos but also welcoming in their new clients.

We asked Mikey the Manager at Snap Fitness Pyrmont a few questions about his mobile strategy and how MOBIPOST has helped deliver fantastic results.

1. Have your members mentioned the texts they have received? Any feedback?

Members present their texts on their phones at reception to qualify for the offer we have texted them. This has been very successful towards the end of the month when our offer is about to expire.

2. Has using mobile to communicate with your members provided you with any other benefits you can think of? (Ie. saves time, no phone calls etc)

It definitely saves time rather than calling or texting individual members. The “insert name” function makes it more personalised and effective.

3. Was it easy to implement mobile into your retention/marketing strategy?

Initially I had to do a bit of training with uploading files etc to send the texts. However, after a few times and creating all the templates it becomes easier and all you needed to do is edit the messages rather than create new ones completely.

4. What did you use to do prior to mobile?

We used to email but we had a lot of bounce backs as when the Agreements are filled in by hand writing, the email addresses are difficult to read.

5. Have you received any good results from your sale promos?

We have received very positive results in many areas.

We always have a great response at the end of each campaign and we have a positive response from new members who we send a text to see how they are settling into the gym.

As we run events such as a live Jazz night called “Gym, Jazz & Jam”, and “Snap BBQ and Smoothie Recovery Mornings”, the texts are a fast and effective way to reach all our members and inform them of these upcoming events. We in turn have a great attendance rate.

Click through to Part 2 for 4 reasons to what it is about mobile marketing that can greatly affect your marketing results.

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