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Is Your SMS Marketing Weeding Out Unwanted Customers?

We love what text messaging marketing can do for businesses. The ability to narrowcast your message and direct it to the right people have so many benefits. See below from Inc42 Magazine there take on how sms marketing is used.

“Texting” has been favorited by most of the people in the world. The major reason behind this might be that most of us carry mobile phones and it is the most closest and easiest medium to communicate. The best advantage of a text message is that, even if someone is busy doing some work or in a meeting, we can drop a message on the phone and s/he can read it in just few seconds without getting distracted.

Research shows, a mobile user opens 98% of his SMSes compared to his emails which means that the effectiveness of an SMS sent is more as compared to that of an email.

Ever since these phones have been invented, mobile marketing is more used source in the market more than advertisements. There is no guarantee whether a person would check an advertisement displayed on the television or a billboard which is hung around one side of a highway, but messages over the phones are checked because they are personal. Although they are deleted later from mobile phones, yet that glance for just 30 seconds is enough for a person to react.

Here’s an infographic which reads how mobile marketing is effective in selecting the best customers for your business.

Is your SMS marketing strategy(1)

This is what you can do while doing sms marketing:

When you send an SMS, always give your customers an option to unsubscribe.

This is a great way to identify your new leads and also the people who don’t want to continue your service. Thus, you have a clear picture of your set of customers. Also, what you can do is, talk to those customers who un-subscribed for your service and ask them what didn’t they like about it.

If you are a businessperson, looking at creating your own database of the people who get in touch with you, get a cloud telephony number. Categorize them as per their calling requirements and then send targeted messages. I will leave the details of cloud telephony for another piece. For now, go ahead, with the SMS marketing plan you planned and have been deferring ever since.

[This article is contributed by Arundhuti Roy, content marketer @MyOperator.]

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