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Breaking down the barriers of SMS marketing

Pure 360 has gives an insightful overview of what could happen when a customer receives a SMS from a company. See below how most people react.

Often, when I bring up the idea of SMS marketing to my clients, it’s dismissed quickly due to a fear that texting recipients is too intrusive. Yet I see it work for other brands as a channel that improves customer engagement and loyalty, and also brings them a great return on investment.

The questions and answers below will help address marketers’ potential concerns about SMS and break down some barriers – and give you some pointers about where to get started with your new strategy!

What was the most recent SMS you received from a business? Was it welcome or a nuisance?

Any type of marketing could be intrusive if best practice isn’t followed. As long as you get opt in, give value and make it easy to opt out, your recipients will enjoy and appreciate the contact from you.Top toys

I don’t know the last time I received an SMS from a company that wasn’t welcome. Here are some examples:

•    A text from my hairdresser offering discounted appointments if I call and book this weekend
•    A reminder from Dominos about their latest promotion
•    A feedback request from a train company I’d recently travelled with
•    Confirmation of a competition I’d entered via SMS (with link to the website)
•    An SMS from a clothes website asking me to opt in to Black Friday special offer communications and, because I’d said yes
•    Hourly SMS from said retailer throughout that day, alerting me to the latest great offers
•    A text from my gym to say I could take a friend for free between certain dates

Do your existing marketing channels give such real-time engagement?

When you know you’ve got a new text message, how long does it take you to read it? 97% of all SMS are read within 15 minutes of delivery – this is an opportunity for real-time marketing that you don’t get from other channels. Social media just doesn’t cut it – no tweet can claim that kind of read rate.

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How do you target by demographic?

Depending on your brand, you might not want to send SMS messages to all your recipients, especially if you have a wide range of demographics in your list. Consider basing your strategy around targeting those who have opened emails recently on a mobile device, or who you know has visited your site on a mobile/tablet.

For everyone else, invite the opt-in to SMS via email. Make sure they know they will get value from the communication and that they can opt-out at any point if they change their mind.

How do you achieve 2-way communication via other channels?

Every marketer should be heading into 2015 thinking about how they can make their marketing less of a sales pitch and more of a conversation. SMS is perfect for this strategy – people are happy and confident to converse with brands via text.

Think outside of your marketing team to ecommerce and customer service, who can get particular value from SMS contact SMS contact with recipients. Surveys and competitions get far higher response rates when the first contact is made by text.

I particularly like requests for feedback from travel and leisure companies – people are very often happy to answer 5-10 questions via a series of SMS – and you have the additional benefit of being able to automate the campaign to personalise as it goes on, based on the answers given in the first few questions.

How do you drive footfall with your email/print marketing?

Everyone likes the chance to claim a discount or something for free, so focus the non-marketing part of your SMS strategy around pleasing recipients. If you have a physical store or service, SMS marketing is the perfect way to drive footfall.

A simple text with a discount or free gift means people simply have to wander in and show their phone to claim. The redemption rate of mobile coupons is 10x physical coupons – who actually makes the effort to download and print a voucher these days?

Do you wonder about proving SMS ROI?

This is easy with our SMS URL click tracking which gives you a report on the proportion of recipients who have clicked on a link, as well as individual attribution. This attribution is reported in real-time – great for following up on leads.

As a guide, recent stats show that 19.3% of people will click a link in an SMS – how does that compare to your Twitter, Facebook or even your emails?

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