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The top 3 reasons why MOBIPOST uses MOBIPOST Part 2 [Case Study]

In Part 1, we went through the success our very own inbound campaign to capture strong leads and book in appointment times at the Plus Fitness National Franchise Conference.

Below we will show 3 reasons why we use this type of marketing ourselves to get results.

1. All about the platform

We’ve said it before and we will say it again; mobile is convenient for the user.

For this campaign, the initial engagement was through email where we asked those who are interested in the offer to text in the code word to our inbound line.

The thinking behind this tactic comes from a recent study shows that 65% of emails are opened up first on a mobile device.  This makes opening up the email and then easily ‘texting in’ very convenient.

Or alternatively, if they are reading the initial email off their desktop, 90% of times their mobile phone is within arm’s reach which makes it again very convenient for them to reach over, grab their phone and ‘text in’.

2. Make it interactive to increase likelihood of success of campaign

Studies have shown that getting people involved by them texting-in to show their interest increases the retention of the campaign by 3 times. This makes your campaign more effective and more likely of achieving the results you want.​​

Asking our clients to show interest by ‘texting in’ immediately puts them in the mindset that they have invested time in the offer which increases the chances of them following through.

3. Easy to organise

This is the best part of these types of campaigns. All the information is stored in your MOBIPOST account.

Katrina, one of our account managers, set up the campaign to notify her with an email every time someone texted in the keyword. That way no information was lost and she was able to act and contact the clients to secure a time.  ​

Remember this tactic is not only convenient for you, but also for your target audience.​​

Need help setting up an inbound/text-in campaign? Give us a call on 1300 550 353 or email

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