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3 reasons to employ a mobile strategy for your clubs weight loss challenge Part 2 – Helensvale Snap Fitness [Case Study]

Snap Fitness Helensvale regularly use their MOBIPOST account for standard marketing messages but now have added in member communications. These member communication messages involve scheduling out inspirational MMS to help their clients who are participating in their 8 Week Weight Loss Challenge to stay motivated and on the path to success.

Previously, Part 1 we looked at Snap Fitness Helensvale mobile strategy to motivate their members and here we look at why this works.

1. Keep them on track
These messages are here to inspire and motivate. They are sent out to ensure people are focusing on their fitness and health goals as well as being updated with times of weighs ins, meets etc.

Not only is this perfect to keep the participants in check but it is another contact point that helps build a stronger relationship.

2. Mobile dominates other platforms
Snap Fitness Helensvale used mobile messaging and a private Facebook group to target different parts of the 8 Week Challenge. The Facebook group was used to share successes and organise times that everyone could see, but mobile was used to motivate and ensure that they keep striving for their goals.

However, what research has proven is that people who own smartphones check the Facebook app approx. 14 times a day whereas users check their phone for SMS messages 23 x a day – even when it doesn’t even ring/vibrate.

3. No excuses – they definitely saw it
We have saved the most significant reason to use mobile to inspire your members till last as it is one of our favourites!

The fact that mobiles are constantly attached to people is perfect for this type of communication. This sort of message can be sent out at a time when the participants in the 8 Week Challenge might be struggling and are in need for some inspiration.​

Rachael the Snap Fitness Helensvale manager made a point to send the messages out at different times of the day to target her participants who might be in need of a push. She also, would send them an early morning message before bootcamps to ensure that attendance was high.​

The key to getting success out of these types of campaigns where you want to push and ensure you participants do the best that they can is making the messages timely and relevant. Do this to ensure you get the most out of your projects and help your clients reach their goals.

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