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Need advice on how to build a SMS campaign?

At MOBIPOST, we want you to receive the best possible knowledge so you can get the best results for your mobile campaign.

We love this infographic from Inc as it is a fantastic break down of exactly what you need to include in your message. Pair this with any of our case studies to help deliver optimal results for your business.

How to Build a Great SMS Marketing Campaign (Infographic)

When reaching customers via text message, it’s important to only send offers with real value. Here’s how.

SMS marketing is a cost-effective tool for small businesses to reach consumers on their mobile devices, but spamming your customers with unwanted texts is a good way to lose business fast.

Some of the keys to creating an effective SMS marketing campaign include cutting to the chase with a valuable offer, including a direct call-to-action, and mentioning an expiration date.

The infographic below from explains how businesses can reach customers with attractive offers without sending the wrong message.

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