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3 things to consider when timing your message – Snap Fitness Endeavour Hills [Case Study]

When should I send out my message? Is one of the most frequently asked question and for good reason.

However, it is difficult to answer as there are plenty of things to think about before you send your message.

Dani, our Snap Fitness Account Manager, sat down with Rebecca from Snap Fitness Endeavour Hills earlier this month to talk about her success in using MOBIPOST. For Rebecca, timing is everything and she reckons she has cracked the code on when to send out marketing messages to ensure optimal results.

From that conversation we hashed out the 3 most important things to consider when timing your mobile marketing campaign. Plus 3 bonus tips to ensure that each message you send helps reach your marketing goals.

1. Trial and error- what works best for your list

Every list is different. You might find that your database performance works better in the afternoon than it does in the morning or vice versa.

When Rebecca sends out promotional messages, for example free supplement tastings at her gym, she has tried sending the message at the start of the lunch time period and towards the end. For Rebecca and her database she finds (especially when sending to local businesses) that it is better to send after 1pm.

The theory behind this is that they receive the message after lunch where they are more likely to read the message and talk about it with co-workers.

For every message it is very dependent on desired outcome, database and promotion.

Tip: Try Split A/B testing. Upload half your list and send mid- morning and then send the exact same message to the other half mid-afternoon and compare the results.

2. Urgency and Call To Action (CTA)

To do this you need to use “action” words. We have found that the best words to use to make sure they take up the offer straight away are words like ‘NOW’ or ‘CALL’ or ‘TEXT’. This implies to the audience that if they do not do it straight away, they might miss the opportunity.

So why is it so important to timing?

If your sale ends that day, sending a message when the receiver has time to act on it immediately will dramatically improve the results.

Rebecca says it is “worth putting the effort in into finding out which words have a sense of urgency behind them. It makes a massive difference to the sales messages. A clear CTA really helps too.”

Tip: By always including a CTA you increase your chances of your customers responding to the message within the day.

3. Put yourself in their shoes

This is the one that can set you apart from your competition. Putting yourself in the customer’s shoes you should ask these questions;

“When would I like to receive this message?”

“When will I be able to act on the offer?”

“When will this message be relevant to me?”

If all the answers to this is ‘now’ then send away. If not, rethink for a better time.

Tip: By making the message convenient for the receiver to act on, you will dramatically increase your response rate and success.

And remember, if you have your message ready to go but don’t think it is a suitable time to send out you can always schedule your messages! With every MOBIPOST account you have an inbuilt scheduler that allows you to select the time and date weeks into the future.

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