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Top 4 reasons hotels are using mobile – Stamford Plaza Melbourne Part 2 [Case Study]

In part 1 we saw Stamford Plaza Melbourne generating a 5% conversion directly from their mobile ‘Extended Checkout’ campaign.

Looking back at previous case studies, we are finding the common feature that has made mobile so popular in a range of industries is that it is convenient.

Below we look at 4 ways mobile is convenient for the hotel marketer and the receiver, plus 4 bonus mobile facts that should excite you for your next mobile campaign.

1. Your guests take their smartphone everywhere

In Part 1 we started off the case study stating that 76% of people travel with their smartphones. This means that you are able to target your guest wherever they are.

This is truly convenient for you (the hotel marketer) as you can send out your offers and know that they will receive them as they will have their phones with them.

Bonus fact: 90% of Millennials say their phones never leave their sides. (Source: Jeff Bullas site)

2. Your guests search and take up offers via their phones

Recent study shows that booking via a mobile device has increased by 20% over this past year. This means that more of your guests are increasingly becoming more inclined to search and book via phones.

This is where you as the marketer can take advantage of this and send your guests promotions of your in-house restaurant (just as Stamford Plaza Melbourne has) that directs them there with an enticing offer.

Bonus fact: SMS- based discounts are ten times more likely to encourage a purchase than paper coupons (Source: Text Local)

3. Your guests will see it almost immediately

98% of text messages are opened within the first 15 minutes of receipt and 90% are replied to within the first 3 minutes (Source: ProText). This shows why mobile is highly beneficial to our hotel clients as they benefit of being able to send timely offers to their guests.

With Mobipost, you are able to create and send offers to your guests within minutes. This means you can make timely changes or create special offers last minute last minute and still be effective.

Bonus fact: 60% of smartphone owners don’t go an hour without checking their phone (Source: Lookout)

4. Your guests prefer it

SMS seems to be the channel of choice as 75% of people who participated in this study would rather receive a marketing text message offer over other channels. This should give you confidence that your message will be well received, especially if it is a valuable offer.

Bonus fact: SMS coupons are redeemed 8 times more than email offers (Source: ProText)

Using mobile you are literally in the pocket of your guests, so take the opportunity to stay connected with them for the entire stay and make their travels easier and get them coming back for more.

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