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Top 4 reasons hotels are using mobile – Stamford Plaza Melbourne Part 1 [Case Study]

Nowadays majority of us are “mobile” travelers. A recent study shows that 76% of travelers are doing so with their mobile or smartphone in their pocket. This makes for an excellent reason for you to market to your future/current guests via mobile.

A common way to market to the mobile with many of our hotel clients is with Food and Beverage offers, but another useful initiative is there ‘Extended Checkout’ campaigns. Recently, Stamford Melbourne Plaza offered guests the option to have a sleep in with a late checkout that resulted with…


5% conversion directly through mobile

Yi Wen the marketing manager for Stamford Melbourne Plaza had this to say, “SMS/MMS has been a great tool in helping to increase revenue and drawing in-house guests to take up the promotions offered to them.”

“Before utilising Mobipost; face to face upselling at Front Desk, social media platforms and signs around the hotel were used to promote our offers so they do work as well, but SMS/MMS has given us extra revenue on top of what we usually get.”

Not only do Stamford Plaza Melbourne use mobile to promote extended stays but they also have had success in nightly meal promotions where they use MMS that generate a good turn around.

“For us, mobile is a great tool in helping to promote our offers, reach out to guests and potential guests and because it’s quite measurable we’ve seen guests taking up our offers after receiving a mobile message which is great!”

And it is not just local hotels doing this, Hilton International uses mobile to target new and returning guests with clever tactics also having their patrons pay and book on mobile. Hilton executive, Virginia Suliman says “Whatever it is that you are trying to do as a traveler, we have to make the transaction really quick, really fast and really convenient for our guests…”(2013, Mobile Marketing Commerce). This is exactly what you want to do for your guests – make things as easy and convenient for your guests so they keep coming back.

Click through to part 2 where we identify what are the top 4 reasons Hotels are using mobile for their marketing advantage.

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