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Here is an MMS campaign I bet you have never tried [The Club Port Kennedy Case Study]

Did you know MMS doesn’t just mean adding a static picture to your text?

We find a lot of people think that when you use the Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) that you can only send still images. We are here to tell you that you can send a wide variety of multimedia through MOBIPOST, all effective for your marketing objectives!

Using the Multimedia Messaging Service you can communicate with slide shows, videos, gifs and radio mp3s.

One of our clients, The Club in Port Kennedy, Western Australia, had created an ad campaign that was featured on a popular radio station in WA (97.3 FM) promoting their Open Day.

As they already had the content they thought why not make use of it and distribute the mp3 via other channels?

So, The Club sent out an MMS with the audio content to their members, prospects and ex-members. This resulted with… ​

This resulted in:

  • Great turnout to the event
  • 62 members signed up

Caitlyn who organised the send had this to say, “We used a combination of ways to get the word out of our open day, from radio ads, social, outdoor marketing and of course the MOBIPOST send.”

“I think for us the most effective form of marketing was the radio campaign. But we did see a lot of our previous(ly) cancelled members come back who received the personalized MMS message which was great to see!”

The theory behind this strategy is that they used the radio campaign to broadcast their message to a particular segment. They then backed it up with the mobile send that narrowcast the message pinpointing exactly those people The Club wanted to receive the message.

Overall, the key to The Club’s success was that they used a variety of communication channels to get the maximum result. Using mobile is not only a cost effective way to promote the event, but it also directly targets who you want to – making the most of your campaigns.

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