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How to manage your optouts [blog post]

Due to the importance of including your optout instructions, we are frequently asked here at the MOBIPOST office: how do I manage our databases optouts?

​Lucky for you guys, MOBIPOST will automatically unsubscribe anyone who texts into your personalized inbound line with the word ‘STOP’.

​From that moment on, they will be blocked which means they will not receive any more messages.

​What we found however, is that some of our clients databases were texting in different words to unsubscribe from lists. Our clients then asked us to include more words that will automatically opt out people from their databases.

​So you know what we did? We did just that.

​Now if anyone texts into your inbound line with any of the following words, they will be automatically opted out too:

  • Unsubscribe
  • Optout
  • Remove
  • Delete

and of course, STOP.

​Previously, our clients would have to manually optout anyone who requested to be taken off the database (except for those who texted back the word ‘STOP’) but now they can sit back and let MOBIPOST do all the hard work.

​This means you can feel at ease with your next send and not worry that anyone of your database who has attempted to optout has now been successfully done so.

​If you would like more info, call 1300 550 353 or email

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