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The most important thing to include in your marketing message [blog post]

Do you guys love the updated MOBIPOST site?


We’ve been hearing some positive feedback from you and one of the favourite features of it is the easy to include SPAM Compliance instructions!


The SPAM Compliance instruction is the most important part of your marketing message. Failing to include the optout instructions can have major financial consequences plus can potentially irritate your customers.


So if you have ever forgotten or incorrectly put in your MOBIPOST unsubscribe instructions you now have a new best friend.


All you have to do is click ‘Yes’ in answer to the SPAM Compliance question and your optout information will be automatically inserted into your message.

​​Some description

Include this plus your business name and a way of contacting the business (phone number, website or email address) and you are in the clear. It is that easy!


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