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The number 1 reason schools use mobile messaging [Upper Plenty PS Case Study]

MOBIPOST is a platform that allows you to send quick messages out to your desired audience hassle free, especially with the recently improved website!

We have multiple case study examples (found here) where you can apply the theory to any business in any industry, not unlike the one below.

Recently, Upper Plenty Primary School used MOBIPOST to inform parents that their children were going to be arriving later than expected from their excursion due to their bus breaking down.

Once the coordinators at the school received word of the breakdown, they quickly decided to send out a text message to the parents.

They were then able to send out additional texts to update the parents with information of the bus’s whereabouts and expected time of arrival.

Gail who coordinated the send had this to say, “We use it for emergencies and anything that needs an instant action from the parents. It is a great way to get the message out there to the parents so that they know what is happening.”

“The feedback we received from parents is that it works for them and they appreciate the message, especially when it is time sensitive.”

Prior to MOBIPOST, Upper Plenty Primary School would have had to call parents or alternatively do nothing.

Gail and the staff at Upper Plenty Primary School have previously used MOBIPOST to inform parents of cancelled sports events and other little inconveniences like this one, which has always been appreciated.

The reason why schools are using messaging, especially in emergencies, is because it is so effective in getting the word out. This is due to the fact that 4 out of 5 people would never leave their house without the phone (Source: Mobile Planet).  This reassures clients of ours that their message is read and will resolve the issue at hand.

How this can be used for your business?

If there is anything, anything that could be seen as an inconvenience for your customers or clients; send them a message. It is quick, immediate, and effective plus your customers will appreciate it.

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