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3 reasons why using mobile is the best tool for your retention strategy Part 2 [Revive Fitness Case Study]

It costs 7 times more to attract a new member than it does to keep an existing customer happy.  So it only makes sense to implement a strong retention strategy to help retain members and avoid drop-offs.


In Part 1, we saw Revive Fitness implement a retention strategy and saw how it improved the well-being for the club but also for its members. Here we look at why mobile should be the channel of communication used to reach your audience.​

1. They actually see your message

For a retention strategy to be effective, your message needs to be received by the member. Regardless of the channel used, if the member doesn’t read/hear/see the prompt to get back to the gym you are wasting your time using that method of communication.​


This is why so many clients of ours prefer using mobile messaging to help reach their members. This is due to the fact that open rates of messages are approx. 99%.​

2. Texting is a method that is preferred

A phone call can disrupt your day or catch you at an inconvenient time; a text message on the other hand can be received and then viewed when the recipient is ready.​


A study shows that 71% of respondents would much prefer to be contacted via text message over other forms of communication.​


By using a method of communication that is preferred will also strengthen your relationship with the member and work on keeping them active at the club.​

3. Saves you time

This is the reason that majority of our clients continue to use texting to contact their customers. Beck the PT Leader at Revive Fitness has cut down on time it takes to contact each member that has been in-active so she can focus on other elements of the club.​


Not only does retention help by keeping your current members active at the gym but they are more likely to refer their friends and family to the club during member referral promotions and when asked for recommendations of a health club.​


It is a no-brainer. Develop and create stronger relationships with your current customers with mobile messaging and see how it improves your business.​


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