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3 reasons why using mobile is the best tool for your retention strategy Part 1 [Revive Fitness Case Study]

Why should you care if your members aren’t going to the gym? They are still paying their monthly fees right? They may be for now, but the longer a member has between protein shakes and lift sessions the more likely they will leave your gym or worse sign up to a competitor.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, many of our clients at MOBIPOST have put in place a retention strategy in order to retain members and also turn them into lifelong customers.​

Here we look at Revive Fitness, an independent club in SA. They use mobile messaging to combat attrition whilst also ensuring their members are happy and sticking to their health and fitness goals. This has resulted with…​



  • Minimized monthly phone calls to combat low attendance
  • Improved member attendance
  • Decreased number of PT no-shows

Beck the PT Leader of the club had this to say about using mobile to contact her members; “Prior to using MOBIPOST we used to phone up each individual member and prompt them into coming back into the gym. Now using MOBIPOST the list of people we need to contact has lessened.”​

“We have had some members not appreciate the texts but majority of them do and say that when they get [the message] it “makes me smile” or “reminded me I have been lazy”. We also follow these members up with phone calls between 14-21 days just in case they need anything. We have found that there are less people to call between the 14-21 periods as they have been prompted by the text.”​

What Beck loves about this mostly is how easy it is to implement, “Easy? Absolutely! Obviously the initial set up took a little time with ensuring that the report was generated correctly to capture the right audience. James from Clubware was so helpful with this and coached me over the phone on how to get the information I needed to generate the report I needed to then attach to the scheduled correspondence. Basically it was set and forget. I did have to fine tune it but now it seems to be working for us.”​

“We use it all the time when we have membership/PT sales and we often get a great response (mostly) with prospects/members coming in to take up the offer.”​

Revive Fitness use Clubware which integrates with MOBIPOST which simplifies this process. Alternatively, clients can export their databases, load it up and send straight from MOBIPOST.​

Click through to Part 2, for 3 more reasons why you should employ a mobile strategy in order to keep retention rates high.

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