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5 Reasons to include your logo with your message Part 2 [Stepz Fitness Cashmere Case Study]

In Part 1 we saw how Stepz Fitness Cashmere included their logo in their MMS message and received a 15% return on their campaign. Here below are 5 reasons of why it worked;

1. Ability to include branding and logos

Keeping consistency to the brand doesn’t only make everything streamline but it also makes you look more professional. The more times your audience is exposed to your branding, the more ingrained they become to your brand. This is branding 101.​

2. More space

A one part SMS message is 160 characters. By simply turning your SMS into a MMS by including your logo, you get to have up to 1000 characters to get your message out there.​

There is no need to skimp on the details or shorten words and use text speak (which is a major mobile marketing faux pas).​

3. Visuals

When considering visuals themselves in marketing, don’t’ forget they are a proven winner. The more aesthetically pleasing your message is to your audience, the more successful you will be in capturing their attention and involving them in your promotion.​

MMS lets you be more creative with your message. The more creative you are the more likely you will have higher engagement and in turn; generate better results.​

4. Shareable

MMS messages are more likely to be shared than a simple SMS messages. This is due to the nature of MMS’s being visually appealing (see above).​

Having your message shared means that the viewer of the message has deemed your message valuable enough to pass it on to their friends and family. It is widely known that information passed on to you from your friends and family is:

a) Warmly received as the communication is coming from an known, trusted source and

b) people prefer to take recommendations from friends and family over brands.​

5. A fantastic ROI (Return on Investment)

For this particular campaign Stepz received a return of 13% from their database. This is a fantastic return for any marketing campaign.​

When compared to traditional methods of marketing (print, radio, television etc.) the costs for mobile campaigns are significantly cheaper. Not only are they costly, you are never sure exactly which media was the one that captured the lead. Using mobile, you are able to measure and track where your sales come from.​

Are you convinced yet? If not, have a look through to some of our other MMS success stories.

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