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5 Reasons to include your logo with your message Part 1 [Stepz Fitness Cashmere Case Study]

Mobile messaging is not just a convenient and easy tool for you to use in your marketing efforts, but it is also extremely effective.


Here we look at Stepz Fitness Cashmere who recently joined MOBIPOST. And what better way to get amongst mobile than by sending an MMS campaign straight off the bat.​

For this particular campaign, Stepz Fitness had used an EDM (email) to promote their Foundation Rate Offer but then decided to use mobile to gather up the last of the sales. The team at Stepz Fitness Cashmere simply sent out an MMS message with their logo attached to a database of 85. This resulted with…​



13 Signups which is a return of 15%


What they did well

  • Followed up with mobile
  • Targeted message
  • Great offer
  • Gave a deadline
  • ​​

Danny the General Manager at Stepz Fitness had this to say about the campaign, “Initially we sent out an email then followed up 4 weeks later with a text via MOBIPOST. We decided to use a mobile message for our follow up because it has been known that people are more likely to read a text message rather than an email.”​


“In the future we look forward to using MOBIPOST for refer a friend campaigns, supplement evenings/member information, happy birthday messages, event notifications and enquiry member campaigns.”​


Need more persuading to try MMS? Click here to find 5 more reasons to give MMS a shot.

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