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4 Reasons Text-In Campaigns are for you [Genesis Charlestown Case Study]

Genesis Charlestown has pumped up their mobile marketing tactics by taking advantage of MOBIPOSTs inbound line feature. This feature allows you to set up unique keyword/s that your audiences can text into. You can even set up automated replies with your choice of an SMS or MMS.​​

For the month of May, Genesis Charlestown set up two inbound campaigns; one targeted their current members, the other targeted prospects and ex members. They sent out SMS campaigns promoting their offer to their respective databases and asked them to text in their specific keywords. This was all recorded in their MOBIPOST account.​​


For the month of May Genesis Charleston received 63 responses that generated 21 memberships!​​


What they did great

  • Targeted campaigns specific to their audience
  • Made it easy for their database to contact them
  • Used other mediums to get the message out
  • ​​

Emma-Leigh, GM at Genesis Charlestown said about the campaign, “We only used mobile and social platforms to promote the ‘Zero’ campaign for our prospects. This included Facebook posts and mobile messaging, asking our audience to text in to receive the offer.  Although, we find that we receive more responses from the text we sent out rather than the pictures we post [via Facebook].”​​


When asking about adopting text-in campaigns, Emma Leigh had this to say, “We have a few running at the moment and we do them because they are easy to manage. We also get a great return from these promotions.”​​


And if you are not already convinced that you should implement a text in campaign as a part of your business strategy here are 4 more reasons below.​​


1. It’s interactive

Studies have shown that getting people involved by them texting-in to show their interest increases the retention of the campaign by 3 times. This makes your campaign more effective and more likely of achieving the results you want.​​


2. Texting is the people’s choice

As a generation, we love texting. It is the preferred way to communicate.​​


Studies form PEW show that 81% of us use the inbuilt texting app on our phones. But if you think about who your target audience is, it is closer to 100%. So remember who you are marketing towards and use the appropriate channels to connect.​​


3. It is essentially free

Mobile is a cost effective strategy regardless of how you use it. When considering a text-in campaign, it comes free with your standard MOBIPOST account with no additional set up costs. You can also set up as many inbound key words as you like which means you can have as many campaigns running as you wish.​​


4. Easy to manage

No need to keep a log book, no missed calls, no incorrect data written down, it is all in your MOBIPOST account. This means that you have one point of reference where all your information is stored which makes it easy to manage.​​


Remember this tactic is not only convenient for you, but also convenient for your target audience.​​


Don’t know how to set one up? Call MOBIPOST support on 1300 550 353 or email​​

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