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Mobile is a great way to activate all non-interactive media

We are pretty big fans of Greg Hickman and his Mobile Mixed podcast. He provides excellent knowledge for the mobile industry that covers plenty of topics that will fit your business.

Here he is producing some great content with his latest episode all about how to make your traditional methods of marketing interactive by using mobile as the Call-To-Action. Have a listen and see how you can implement mobile into your next campaign.

MM 111: Making Non-Interactive Media, Interactive With Mobile

MobileMixed Podcast Ep 111

Click here to listen

Today I answer a Mobile Mixed listener’s question about how mobile can be used with print advertising.

Well, mobile is actually a great way to activate all non-interactive media.

Whether it’s radio, TV, print ads, Out of Home, or direct mail, mobile can take your once non-interactive media and make it interactive so that you can capture leads, measure the effectiveness of different media outlets and the engagement levels of customers based on different segments already being leveraged.

Take a listen and I hope you enjoy.

How can you leverage a mobile call-to-action to make something you’re doing more effective?

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