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3 vital tips in getting the most out of your MMS campaign [MCLion Case Study]

Melbourne Central Lion is a pub located right in the middle of the CBD. With extremely tough competition surrounding the venue Melbourne Central Lion had a task to try and bring customers in during the lunch time period.

​To combat this problem, Melbourne Central Lion sent out a special offer via MMS asking their targeted audience to book a table before the lunch time period on Friday to receive a free bottle of wine.​


  • A booking within 3 mins
  • 2 bookings within the hour
  • Increased foot traffic for during the hours of the promotion

Domenique, the marketing manager at the pub had this to say about the campaign, “This was the first time we have ever used MMS and it worked immediately. We received our first booking within minutes of our MMS!”​

​“We also noticed that there were more patrons in the pub at lunch time which I expect is due to the MOBIPOST send.”​

​Regardless of what industry you are involved with, there are 3 key factors that you need to consider with every send.​

1. ​Your database

Melbourne Central Lion specifically targeted people who had previously made bookings with the pub within the last three months and filtered out the rest. They also included online signups who had shown interest in big group bookings.​

​Domenique believed that this was paramount to why they did so well for this campaign and received a high level of interest on the Friday.​

Tip #1: Keep your database current, the more up to date database you have- the more effective your send will be.

​2. Timely

Timely doesn’t mean just how far in advance your promotion needs to be, it is also takes into consideration what time of day you should send.​

​Melbourne Central sent out their MMS campaign the day before the promotion started which gave their audience time to organise themselves and make a booking.​

​However, they also made a conscious decision to send their campaign around the lunch time period when their database is thinking about lunch and is hungry.​

Tip #2: Send your MOBIPOST campaign when it will be most convenient for your audience to act.

​3. Rewarding Loyalty

​Apart of Melbourne Central Lions’ marketing strategy is building on existing relationships and maintaining a regular customer base.​

​By offering an incentive as Melbourne Central did, increases the likelihood of people accepting the offer and booking a table. Not only that but you are giving back value to your database that they will appreciate. This value you are providing strengthens the relationship you have and also promotes a long living customer.​

Tip #3: Reward your customers and they will keep coming back for more.

​To get the best results, you need to take into account; how current your database is, time of the campaign and ensure you are giving back to your existing customers to promote a long lasting relationship.​

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