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Snap Fitness Vic Point Snaps up 64 New Members in 12 Hours [Case Study]

At MOBIPOST HQ, ‘Text-In’ campaigns are one of our favourite mobile strategies and it should be yours too! They have the ability to capture all data and store it in your MOBIPOST account where you can retrieve it at any time.

This case study we take a look into Snap Fitness Victoria Point and how they used mobile to capture leads and turn them into sales. For this campaign, Jayden the Owner at Snap Fitness Victoria Point targeted their prospects database by sending out a well worded SMS and Facebook post asking them to ‘Text-In’ “SIGN ME UP” for their 12 Hour Sale. This resulted with​…


  • Over 100 responses
  • 64 Signups

What they did great

  • Had a clear set deadline
  • Simple CTA (Call to Action)
  • Great offer
  • Used inbound marketing to capture the information
  • Highly targeted

Snap Fitness Victoria Point used a combination of social media and mobile marketing to get the results, however when comparing the database, majority came from the mobile send.​

This is what Jayden the Manager at Snap Fitness Victoria Point had to say about the campaign, “It was the text message that did it, it made massive impact.”​

“The phones just didn’t stop- even all night!”​

As a feature of MOBIPOST, you can choose what your sender ID is. You can route incoming replies to your MOBIPOST inbound SMS/MMS line or even to a personal mobile number.​

Snap Fitness Victoria Point cleverly sent the message from a two-way mobile phone number and asked them to reply straight to that number which made it easy and convenient for their targeted group.​

Why it worked

The key to making this type of campaign work is including a strong Call To Action. This tactic increases the likelihood of your prospects responding to your sales message and taking up the offer. In short the stronger and clearer the Call To Action, the more successful the campaign.​

Another benefit to using mobile as the platform to send out the message, is the immediacy of results. When Snap Fitness Victoria Point posted the Facebook promotion, they received responses but nothing like the response rate of the MOBIPOST mobile send.​

This comes down to the benefit of mobile being highly targeted. Mobile has the ability to narrowcast and pin point the information straight into peoples hands. Using mobile ensures the right people see the message whereas other mediums (like social platforms) only broadcast the message with very little accuracy of potential consumers.​

What we love about this campaign is that they are using everything in their power to get maximum sales. However, when using social platforms, your target audience may not be the ones following your page. Keep this in mind when deciding which form of communication you use for your next campaign.​

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