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Hoppers Crossing Mitre 10 Grand Opening Success with MMS [Case Study]

In celebrating the Grand Opening of Costas Hoppers Crossing Mitre 10 store, Lynette and the marketing team needed a way to invite two specific groups from their loyalty program. They needed to find a way that was cost effective and needed to get the message out quickly.

They turned to mobile and sent out an MMS campaign inviting their ‘Trade Account Holders’ and ‘Loyalty Card Holders’ to the event and asked for them to RSVP by calling their direct line.


Approx 300 attendees to the Grand Opening.​

What they did well

  • Used MMS
  • Made it exciting
  • Clear CTA (Call To Action)
  • Sent a reminder MMS on the day

Mobile has the incredible ability of delivering your message straight into your desired audience hands. This means the message will be with them wherever they go. This directly correlates to the level of foot traffic that the night received.​

When speaking to Lynette about the Grand Opening she was rapt with the amount of attendees, “We had a massive turnout to the event. It was difficult to determine who came due to what marketing method we did (email, word of mouth or mobile) but the combined effort made the night a complete success with approximately 300 coming to the event.”​

Mitre 10 Hoppers Crossing also sent out an additional MMS message reminding their list of attendees that the event was on that night. With previous campaigns we have analyzed, sending reminder messages is essential in ensuring you receive the highest amount of foot traffic to the event. What this reminder message does is acts as a prompt and gets your database to take action.​

What does the future hold?

This is only the beginning for Mitre 10 Hoppers Crossing. Lynette the marketing manager at Hoppers Crossing sees plenty of future mobile promotions as she says, “We are going to start sending weekly promotions to our ‘Trade Account Holders’ and ‘Loyalty Card Holders’. We have done a couple already and saw immediate responses… as in seconds from hitting send. We were extremely pleased at how big the response was.”​

Since the Grand Opening, Hoppers Crossing Mitre 10 has continued to use mobile in a variety of ways from Trade Brekkie events to product promotions and are receiving fantastic results.

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