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Anytime Fitness Potts Point re-opens with MMS [Case Study]

Open Days, Grand Openings and Club Birthdays are an exciting time for any health club. They give you the opportunity to show off your club and gather up additional sales. We have looked at several Open Days and Grand Openings here at MOBIPOST, and here is another success story that should motivate you to start thinking of your next event.


Anytime Fitness Potts Point invited ex-members, prospects and current members to their Grand Re-Opening of their club. They used a variety of marketing methods to encourage people to attend the event including a well-timed MMS. The day resulted with…​​ ​​



  • 40 new members
  • ​​ ​​

What they did great

  • Used MMS
  • Good offer
  • Made it exciting
  • Plenty of incentives to attend
  • ​​ ​​

Stefan the manager had this to say about the event, “40 new members is a great result. It was a great day with a big turnout.”​​ ​​


“We used a combination of ways to promote the event through electronic, print and social, but MMS is something new. Many may not have seen video messaging like this before. We decided to give it a go and it worked out well!”​​ ​​


Why it worked

It is hard to incorporate all of the excitement of the event in an SMS message or even a flyer. An MMS has the ability to promote everything on the one platform that can be viewed multiple times on your mobile.​​ ​​


And remember, Anytime Fitness Potts Point had a lot to say in their Grand Re-Opening. They had to make sure that everything was correctly communicated whilst promoting the event, the sale and unveiling the new renovations of the club.​​ ​​


When it comes down to it, visual content drives engagement and makes your message stand out. And like Stafan mentioned above, MMS is seen to be a relatively “new” concept for marketers and will also be a new concept for your audience. This means that your target audience is going to pay attention as the information being processed is something interesting. Combine that with a valuable offer like Anytime Potts Point and you too will be able to get a great turnout to your Open Day.​​ ​​

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