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Why MMS beats all other channels including Social Media for your Open Day [Case Study]

At MOBIPOST, we have seen some excellent campaigns been sent out for Open Days/Club Birthday’s. The feedback we have received from manymany of our clients is that the one’s that go down the MMS route and follow it up with a reminder message on the day get the best results. Kosama Fitness Fortitude Valley took on our advice and did just that and had a very successful First Birthday/Open Day.​​ ​​


The team at Kosama Fitness sent out an invitation to their valued members and prospects asking them to join in on the jam packed day filled with heaps of activities. The MMS included plenty of incentives for their audience to bring friends and family to help celebrate the club. The day resulted with…​​ ​​



18 New Members​​ ​​


What they did well

  • Followed up with reminder prompts
  • Used MMS to introduce the offer
  • Great offer for both prospect and member
  • Timely
  • ​​ ​​

Jason Clarke the owner at the club had this to say about promoting the event, “We used a combination of social media, email and MMS to market our First Birthday. I personally believe that the text messaging works a lot better as often people don’t have time to read the emails or will miss the Facebook posts we do. The mobile message goes straight to their phone and people seem to respond better to them over other channels.”​​ ​​


When speaking to Jason about the campaign he made an excellent point about how people prefer to receive messages in different ways. This is why he uses a variety of platforms to send out the message to ensure everyone receives the offer. However, Jason is finding that the mobile messaging is one of their strongest assets to get people to take up offers and to attend events.​​ ​​

Why it worked

By using MMS it helps convey the excitement and present the offer to your audience in an attractive way. You of course can send your promotions in video format in email or other social platforms, however the open rates in mobile greatly outweigh the open rates to email. A study has shown that currently email is sitting on 21% open rate whereas mobile messaging is at an all-time high of 98%.  And in terms of immediacy, it’s SMS/MMS in virtually minutes versus and average 2.5 days for email!​​



Another key component to this campaign is the use of the reminder message that was sent out on the day. This reminder message acts like a push notification that prompts you to take action and get you to the event. By doing this you are ensuring that no one will forget about the Open Day and make their way down. And the value of the reminder message is that once you send it, your audience will carry it with them wherever they go as our mobile phones are usually right by our side. This gives you a confident feeling that when you send the message, they will receive it wherever they are.​​ ​​


With all the success Jason and the team has had, I asked if he saw more opportunities with mobile campaigns in which he replied with, “Yes we are finding that mobile is one of our best ways to get our message out there. We did another MMS for our monthly long December/Christmas promotion and already had some signups. It works great for us.”​​ ​​


To get the best results for your Open Day or any event you need to include mobile as part of your marketing strategy. It has proven time and again to be a successful component for many that gets results.​​ ​​

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