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Simple and Effective Digital Lead Boxes [Genesis Glenelg Case Study]

Studies have shown that 80% (although I think it is even higher!) of us don’t leave home without our mobiles. Our lives are becoming more technological based as time moves on but it is not something to be feared- it is something to be embraced!


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Genesis Glenelg have adapted to technology and have ditched the old lead box. They are now using a digital lead box that has helped grow their club with members and prospects.​​


This digital lead box consists of Genesis Glenelg making use the MOBIPOST two way communication system by getting leads to ‘Text In’ to their SMS line number to receive a free trial pass. This has resulted with…​​



Approx 4 new leads a day​​


What they do great

  • Use the resources available to them
  • Keep it simple
  • Generous offer
  • Try before you buy marketing
  • ​​

Tom the owner at Glenelg Genesis, said as soon as he put the signs up, the texts came in almost instantaneously, “We set up a s​​tation at the escalators near our gym with some flyers on the table, the people walking by are then able to pick up a flyer and text-in at their own convenience. As soon we set it up, the texts just started to come in. We have just received 3 now and we are converting plenty of them into members.”​​

“We started up the digital lead boxes as we were seeing that the old method was ineffective. They were difficult to manage, waste of time and can be costly. Using this method, everything is recorded for us and the data easily accessible.”​​


The beauty of using mobile like this, demonstrates the two way nature of the process and where you are able to respond.Your MOBIPOST account also has the ability to capture all of the information and store it.​​


Why it worked

This campaign works on many levels. It is convenient for the potential member to pick up a flyer and text in and in return they get a free trial! A free trial has many benefits, but mostly it lets your potential member try before they buy. It also gives you a chance to show off your gym and make a connection with the potential member and develop a relationship. This is a sure fire way to convert extra members just like Genesis Glenelg has.​​


One of the best features to this method is that it can go all year round! You can set this up so this is an ongoing trial method that gets potential members to the door. Genesis Glenelg have been successfully doing this and Tom the manager has said that this would be an ongoing campaign and looks forward to other ways he can implement it with local businesses.​​


Inbound SMS campaigns are easy to set up. MOBIPOST can also send an automatic response back to the enquirer – this can be effectively a mobile ‘voucher’, either SMS or MMS, that the member simply has to show at the club to redeem.

Want to know how to do this? One of our team will be happy to help; email or call the free toll number 1300 550 353​​

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