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Warning- Never throw away your ex-member databases! [Genesis Berwick Case Study]

​If you have marketed to your prospect list pretty hard and can’t seem to get any more referrals out of your active member database, it might be time to think about asking your ex-members to come back!


Sometimes all they need is a slight nudge to come back on board with a fun, exciting MMS like Genesis Berwick did.​​

    ​59 members returning!​​


    What they did great

    • Strong CTA (Call To Action) either enter promo code online or visit the club​
    • Used quick links that connected to their page to show pictures of new developments at the club (fantastic idea- especially because part of the reason why they may have left was due to insufficient parking or facilities)
    • Gave a deadline
    • Sent a reminder message on the day
    • Gave prizes for the people that signup the quickest
    • ​​


    MOBIPOST loved everything about this campaign. There were so many well thought out aspects that took advantage of the benefits of using mobile.

    Here is what Mel the Genesis Berwick Club Owner had to say, “Everyone has a mobile phone and by using MMS it gave us a chance to use more images and be more creative with the message.”

    “This was our largest investment we’ve ever done but getting the result we got was the right investment and we yes we will be using mobile again.”


    Why it worked
    This campaign worked because it had a clear set deadline of when the sale was finishing. This simply made sure their target audience acted on it. They also gave out a prize to the first 20 people which gave an incentive for the audience to act faster and also respond in a timely fashion.​​


    Genesis Berwick were determined to snap up the last few ex-members, so they sent out a reminder message right before the deadline which prompted them to take action. This prompt or ‘reminder message’ works as there are some that might be sitting on the fence or just forget. Either way, when you have a sale that goes on for the month, a prompt is the best way to get them on board.​​


    One of the big elements they used to capture audience’s attention was by using the engaging ability of rich media content (the MMS itself). However, they also teamed it up with a great offer with bonus incentives, a clear deadline and made signing up convenient for the audience with quick links and promo code.​​


    As there were tons of good things about this campaign every one of you can take something away from it. For your next marketing campaign, think about those ex-members that you miss; you might be able to get them back on board with a well thought out MMS like this one!​​

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