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MMS helps increase Anytime Fitness 12 Hour Sales again [Case Study]

MOBIPOST and Anytime Fitness teamed up recently to help workshop, create and produce the 12 Hour Sale mobile MMS (multimedia) campaigns. With over 50 campaigns running simultaneously the MOBIPOST support team were on top of things to ensure all campaigns went out smoothly to help get the best possible results.​​


With all clubs offering different benefits and incentives for both prospects and members as part of the sales, there was one thing all clubs had in common – they used mobile to get the message out.​​


The overwhelming feedback from clubs was that they were happy with the results.​​


​​Chris at Anytime Currimundi had this to say, “We are happy with the results of around 50 new members. We found people were referring to the messages saying their friends had received it. We could tell that the mobile campaign had a big impact on our results.”​​

Anytime Auburn gave us some insights to their 12 Hour saying this, “Results were good (20 new members) and we were happy with how the mobile campaign turned out. We had people coming up to our desk showing us the message they received to obtain the offer.”

“We will continue to use mobile in the future as it was effective.”​​


What this shows is that people are valuing MMS campaigns as vouchers that was a direct link to the success on the day.​​


Importantly, MOBIPOST were able to provide the available resources and “know how” to help the clubs get the word out during what is an extremely busy sales period.  All clubs we spoke to were appreciative of MOBIPOST’s efforts in designing the artwork, tailoring the offers for each specific club and assisting with the sends.​​


We also recommend using different channels of media to promote your sales. However, we can see from results and from what participants in the sale were doing, proves that mobile is the one channel that gets your target audience to act.​​


Paula at Unley Anytime Fitness gave us her insights to the sale, “We used a variety of ways to advertise the 12 hour sale to get the word out. However, we found that mobile cut through with members showing us the text message they had received to get the offer for their friends.”​​

Anytime Fitness Cabooluture who have participated in this type of campaign method before knew what to expect on the day but still were flat out with the amount of signups. Shannon had this to say, “We were busy all day with the 12 Hour Sale and we could see that the mobile campaign helped with prompting them to come down on the day and join.”​​


What you can learn from this campaign is that mobile is the number one way to drive foot traffic to any event or sale. By using mobile, you have the advantage of reaching your customers at all times and prompting them to take action and sign up!​​


The three highlights to the campaign:

1. People showing the offer on their phones.

2. Mobile directly impacted the results and

3. Mobile increases foot traffic.​​

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