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Member retention and mobile go hand-in-hand with BoxingFit [Case Study]

Studies have proven that we look at our phones up to 150 times a day. We are mobile obsessed. This is part of the reason why fitness and health clubs are using mobile to communicate with their members.


BoxingFit Craigieburn have been a part of the MOBIPOST family for just over a year and we have always been impressed by the way they do mobile.​​


They have been using mobile to reach out to their member’s on a regular basis and have seen an improvement in member retention and general member well-being.​​

What they do well

·         Targets their audience with every message

·         Places a strong emphasis on retention

·         Makes the member feel special- part of a community ​​


BoxingFit Craigieburn has a lot of members so it is difficult to reach every single one of them. Using mobile is a way to combat this problem and effectively contact every one of their members.​​


From ‘Birthday Messaging’ to ‘Trail pass expiry messages’, Denis the owner at BoxingFit Craigieburn, has seen the importance of member communication and has implemented this strong mobile strategy.​​


1. Have your members mentioned the texts they have received? Any feedback?

Quite a few trial members have mentioned receiving the SMS from us informing them of when their trial is due to expire and thankfully we have managed to convert a number of them. Having it automated means that we never miss an expiring trial which increased the conversion rate.​​


2. Has using mobile to communicate with your members provided you with any other benefits you can think of? (Ie. saves time chasing up overdue fees etc)

We have found that since implementing the SMS alerts for birthdays and membership expiries has seen an increase in our retention of members year-in-year-out.​​


3. With your trialed members, did you get any to join up from the mobile send?

Since setting up the SMS alert informing trial members when their trial is finished we have seen an increase in conversion of our trial members to full paying members.​​


4. Was it easy to implement mobile into your retention/marketing strategy?

Using the correspondence feature in Clubware, setting up a retention/marketing strategy is pretty straight forward. Once a correspondence is created you can then schedule it to check a pre-determined database filter each day, week or month so the correspondence can be completely automated. Great for expiring memberships, birthdays and overdue accounts.

Why it works

As our loyalty and strength in relationships grow between manager/trainer and member, the less likely members are to drop-off or discontinue their memberships. This means that the more connectedness they are with the gym, the more likely there will be higher gym attendance and higher retention rates.​​


Communication is key to member retention, it is that simple. By providing a support network and helpful reminders through mobile about benefits of regular exercise is an easy way to help your members and keep them happy at your gym.​​


And who doesn’t like receiving ‘Birthday Messages’? I can guarantee it will put a smile on your members face.​​


Tip: By making a strong emphasis on retention, when you do throw in a mobile marketing message you are more likely to get a higher response. This is due to the strong relationship that is being built between you and the member.


Did you find this case study interesting in terms of how you could use mobile to communicate with your members? If so leave a comment!​​

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