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Snap Fitness Armadale snaps up more members on their Open Day through mobile [Case Study]

When organising the Open Day, it is a lot of hard work. So reward yourself by getting the maximum amount of people down on the day by using mobile to communicate with your targeted audience.

Snap Fitness Armadale did this and had huge turnout to their Open Day. They used the event to showcase to their future and current members why they should be a part of the gym and got a significant amount of new members.

The Results

50 new members!!

What they did well

· Targeted two groups- prospects and current members

· Marketed the event with an MMS.

· Measured it

· Generated plenty of excitement

· Sent out a reminder message on the day

Aaron the Snap Fitness regional manager said they were “extremely happy with the outcome of our open day, using MOBIPOST allows our business to effectively communicate our special events & offers to our members. Up to 50% of our business comes from referrals, so MOBIPOST for us is very cost effective, time efficient & gets our message across each time.

Snap Fitness Armadale worked hard on providing a fun, vibrant day to get people to the gym and sign up and 50 new members is a huge success.

Why it worked

What was great about the MMS campaign is that it gave both the prospect and member a reason to get down to the open day to enjoy the festivities.

By doing two different MMS campaigns that tailored the message to meet the needs of the audience; it ensured that they would get the maximum amount of attendees and therefore maximum amount of new member signups.

The more valuable the message is to the receiver the more likely they respond to it. By having such a great offer like Snap Fitness Armadale did, it made the day a sure success.

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