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MMS helps boost Anytime Fitness 12 Hour Sale [Case Study]

MOBIPOST has been working with a growing number of Anytime Fitness clubs over this past twelve months. We have thoroughly enjoyed working with them and loved seeing the different types of campaigns that each club has been involved with. A good number of them have been getting some great results from SMS and MMS marketing campaigns using our platform.


Recently, a large number of our Anytime Fitness clients decided to go mobile with the nationwide 12 hour sale. We leveraged our experience with MMS and the capabilities of MOBIPOST to design, manage and distribute the nationwide MMS campaign across several states. MOBIPOST captured the essence of the 12 hour sale imagery and core offer and then tailored the MMS content to suit individual clubs.


When we checked in with the Anytime Fitness managers across Australia how each of the clubs went on the day, we heard some unbelievable results. The results obtained shows that every club received in excess of 10 membership sign ups and with the highest number being 76! Wowza!


How did they do this on just one day? By getting the word out there.


The manager at North Strathfield (NSW) Bec said that when asking what prompted them down to the sale that, “some of the new signups showed the MMS on arrival. This showed that mobile definitely was a part of getting the message out to get the results we wanted.”

Using mobile to communicate with your target market is one of the simplest, most effective ways. The Club Manager at Anytime Fitness Glebe (NSW), Nic, provided some great insights on why she uses mobile. Says Nic, “we use MOBIPOST to communicate across through all mediums. We use SMS, MMS and email. If we communicate to the members to devices that they use to communicate with their friends we find the success rate is a lot higher.”

Matt the owner at Anytime Fitness Robina (QLD) backs up Nic’s comments by mentioning that he “was more inclined to spend money on mobile and new media as opposed to old media. We are finding it works more effectively.”

And without trying to blow our own trumpet, all clubs were really pleased with our service too!

Jarred the owner from Anytime Fitness Caboolture (QLD) said, “the Support was fantastic right from the ‘Get Go’, the back office was user friendly along with the MOBIPOST team. The steps were simple and we look fwd to our next campaign.”

We received plenty of other feedback with many of the managers appreciating the efforts of our client services team of preparing the MMS’ for them, showing them how to use MOBIPOST and then providing assistance with the send.

Anytime Fitness Townsville (QLD) who joined MOBIPOST just one day before the 12 Hour Sale was extremely grateful as we were able to setup their account and get the MMS campaign out all within 24 hours. They gave MOBIPOST a glowing review, “Just wanted to say thank you to you and the girls for the way you turned around our very first MMS campaign yesterday at such short notice.”

Mobile is not a marketing tool to be used in isolation and sometimes, getting the formula right requires some trial and error. It all depends on how you use it and finding the right mix of communication tools and getting the timing right. The Anytime Fitness Glen Waverley (VIC) manager Brendan said they used various sources including the MMS to get the message out, all of which combined to get the maximum results on the day.

The factors that could have affected the results (across the different clubs and regions) include;
· The weather- depending where you were in Australia (it was either stinking hot or pouring with rain)

· Whether they recently did a sale to either prospect or member…or both

· How effectively they used other mediums to promote the sale

· What they offered (variations in discounts)

· Where they were located – eg. regional vs city

· Size of the marketing database

· Whether or not the club sent out a reminder on the day

With these sorts of campaigns, we urge to send out a reminder on the day to get the maximum results out of the use of mobile. From analyzing the results, there was a clear indication that clubs that had used mobile (and went the extra step in sending out an MMS as a reminder) got higher results than other clubs who decided not to.

Overall, the campaign was an absolute success and demonstrates how mobile and in particular MMS, provides a valuable marketing method for increasing sales results.

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