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Anytime Fitness uses Mobile not just for Marketing [Case Study]

At MOBIPOST, we have looked at a high number of case studies that been predominately feature mobile marketing tactics. But what about using mobile strategies for retention purposes, member communications and other member touch points?

Anytime Fitness Glen Waverley joined the MOBIPOST team mid least year and we have been super impressed with their member communication processes and mobile marketing campaigns.

The friendly staff and management at the Glen Waverley club have thought beyond using mobile as only an advertisement, marketing or promotional tool. They have seen it as a perfect opportunity to stay in contact with their members constantly and use it as a device to keep them informed.

What they do great

· Open up a friendly dialogue between the manager and member

· They make it personal

· Contact them in an non-invasive method

Brendan the Anytime Fitness manager at Glen Waverley had this to say; “Mobile is definitely effective and helps overall, especially in conjunction with using email and phone calls. We receive a lot more feedback and have had good results.”

Darren Press, MOBIPOST Manager says, “Fitness clubs are using SMS for variety of purposes beyond just sales and marketing. Other applications include letting members know that their access cards are ready for collection – particularly 24/7 clubs, following up incomplete membership applications, changes to opening times or class timetables or changed conditions around the club such as parking or access. Members appreciate the feedback and because they are getting information of value, they are also less likely to opt-out of other marketing messages”.

Why it works

Using mobile as a medium is a great way to cut through straight to the audience. The team at Anytime Fitness Glen Waverley have found that using mobile ensures that the messages are being read and are responding to them.

Cull calling: Backwards marketing

According to Raz Mobile a study performed in 2012, text messages are being opened up to 4 times higher than emails. That gives anyone using mobile the confidence that your message is being taken in and communicated with your audience.

Remember, mobile doesn’t need to be just for marketing. You are more likely to receive positive feedback from your happy members by staying in touch with them. And as we know, retention first; sales will follow.

What other reasons do you use mobile platforms for as a communication tool? We would love to hear from you!

photo credit: the noggin_nogged via photopin cc

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