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See how Core 24 Health Club smashed end of year sales [Case Study]

Everyone wants those last sales for the end of the year, and like Core 24 many clubs offered a great deal for ex-clients and prospects to get them into the gym before the New Year.

They sent out an effective MMS informing their past members of the new renovations of the club, great low rate with no contracts combined with a friendly, supportive message.


Over 100 signups that month!

What they did well

• Saved time (normally they would phone their database)
• Informative (letting them know that there has been change and renovation)
• Simple call to action; either call in or text the word “YES” (Gave them an easy options and ensured their clients that they can accept the offer no matter what they are doing at the time)
• Nice big database
• Awesome offer!

Joe Russo the owner of the three Core Health clubs told us that they usually phone past members in trying to get them back on board to the gym.

As well as a timely and sometimes difficult project, Core 24 tried a new approach that saved time (and money)!

What they also saw as an advantage using mobile communication was to be able to contact past members – without disrupting them. Therefore prospects received the message without being inconvenienced.

One of the other benefits in using MMS was that he was sure that his target audience received the message. As smartphones have dominated the market share in Australia- the majority of the people recieve the MMS. But for the few that don’t have smartphones, MOBIPOST sends an SMS so that you can ensure everyone on your client data list gets the information.

Why it worked

There may be several reasons why a member decides to stop going to your gym. It could be price, location, doesn’t fit in with their lives anymore or the environment wasn’t comfortable to them. What was great about this campaign is that it targeted their members that had stopped and offered them a fantastic low rate that most couldn’t refuse.

An added bonus to the message is that they informed them that the gym had been renovated with new equipment and changes which is sometimes exactly what a past member wants to hear.

Another big part to why this campaign worked so well, is the fact that it automated the calling response. They did not need to ring everyone up and ask if they wanted to be a part of the gym, they sent the offer out and waited for them to call them. This makes it so much more convenient for both past member and staff members.

Tip: Help out your sales team by introducing an offer through mobile and see what it can do for your monthly signups.

Note: The 100 membership sales was given a huge boost by using mobile as a direct marketing tool, over and above other time consuming techniques they’ve used in the past.

Have you changed your marketing strategy to keep up with the growing trend of mobile? We would love to hear from you!

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