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6 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Hitting Send

We understand that it is seems like an overwhelming task for you to stay up to date with the current trends of what to put in a mobile marketing message. So for your benefit we have written out a simple guide for you to follow which takes you back to basics of what to add in any mobile message.

From our wealth of knowledge at MOBIPOST and some help from leading mobile marketing strategist Jeff Sheehan Marketing Strategies, Terra News and Experian Marketing Services, here are 6 questions you need to ask yourself before you hit the send button.

Six Questions you need to answer before hitting send

1. Is your message succinct?
Most of us have extremely short attention spans and holding concentration for long periods of time is hard work. To counteract this problem; make the message short. Get to the point and don’t waffle on; remember the medium you are using is mobile.

2. Does it sound personal?
We know you are sending out bulk messages, but simple gestures of inserting their names in the message goes a long way and adds a nice touch of familiarity.

3. Is your CTA (Call To Action) easy to follow?
CTA’s are essential. They are the stepping stone from receiving the message and then getting your target audience to act on it. There is no point having a marketing message sent out with a difficult CTA or worse, no CTA at all.

4. Does it look interesting/contain the right amount of excitement?
Even though we want the message to be succinct, have you engaged the audience? Make it exciting, hype up your message and use appropriate language that will entice your audience.

5. Is your optout instructions needed/included?
When sending out general informative messages to your current members ie. The gym will be closed due to renovations between these dates and times XX-XX, it is not necessary for it to include an optout. However, it is an advertisement, promo or marketing message you will need to abide by the SPAM laws. All you need to include, is these three things:
1. Your business name
2. Your Contact business phone number
3. Correct Opting out info ie. To optout sms STOP to 04XX XXX XXX

6. Do you have a measurement tactic in place?
Make sure you have methods to measure how your campaign went. This way you can compare and alter to other methods you may be using and see what variations work best.

So when you are ready to send out a bulk SMS/MMS: check to see if you can say yes to these questions, send some test messages to your phone and get excited as you have completed a mobile marketing strategy.

Remember: if you ever get stuck or want advice we are always here to help!

Have we covered all bases? What else do you think is essential to go into a mobile marketing message?

photo credit: Leo Reynolds via photopin cc

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