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Mobile will get its due

Great info from Forbes with the article: “5 Surprising Marketing Trends for 2013”.

This article is focusing particularly on small businesses and how they can grow from these 5 trends that will be growing in 2013.

Last year, it was predicted that it would be the year of the mobile and most jumped on board and from what we can tell; mobile will only grow larger and become more effective.

Below are some good reasons why, if you haven’t already, to get on to mobile; because let’s face it, that is where your customer is.

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Last year, more people purchased smartphones than PCs. Seriously. While it feels like we hear the word “mobile” more than our own names these days, global marketers haven’t entirely caught up; 90% of them have a mobile site, but only 20% include mobile strategies as a fully integrated part of their overall marketing plan. If nothing else on this list comes to fruition, count on “mobile” being a bigger, bolder line item on every major marketer’s strategy this year.

photo credit: shapeshift via photopin cc

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